Research Group

  • Current UT Ph.D. students:
             Maurice Diesendruck (supervised by Dr. Sinead Williamson)
             Xinjie Fan
             Yilin He
             Rahi Kalantari (supervised by Dr. Joydeep Ghosh)
             Yanxin Li
             Mingzhang Yin
             Yuguang Yue
             Carlos T.P. Zanini (supervised by Dr. Peter Müller)
             Quan Zhang
  • Non-UT Ph.D. students that are collaborating with me:
             Siamak Zamani Dadaneh
             Dandan Guo
             Bo Han
             Aaron Schein
             Chaojie Wang
             Hao Zhang
             He Zhao
  • Former students
             Ayan Acharya (Senior Data Scientist at Netflix)
             Yulai Cong (Postdoc at Duke University)
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